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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

OFW Life: Why I Decided To Go To Dubai?

I guess most OFW has the same reason when they decided to find their luck on a foreign land. Main reason: to give a better life to our family.

To tell you honestly, I had already made a decision of leaving the Philippines since the day that I had finished my MBA. I feel that I can do more if I'd be given the chance to work in a foreign land.

I had a lot of dreams for my family and I cannot do it if I 'll stay and work in Manila.

My number one reason was to be able to support my family.

My father and mother were getting older by the day and I want to give them the best life possible because they deserve it. I want them to get old without going through hardships because they're done with that. They've been experiencing this for far too long and I want them to have a better life. I want to bring my father to the best doctor as he had been experiencing fainting spells and we don't know the reason behind it.

Also i want to give them their own house because they don't one. 

Next is the bigger salary.

Let's face it people who worked abroad are well compensated compared to people who works back home. 

The other thing that had made me decide to work abroad was the opportunity to travel.

Who doesn't like traveling? 

So why Dubai, UAE and not anyother places like Singapore, Australia or Canada?

Because I was given the opportunity to go here. A friend of mine had encouraged me to try my luck in Dubai and with her help, I was able to get a visit visa and the rest is what they say is history.

Burj Al Arab - one of the most beautiful structure I've seen in Dubai.

(image from google)

And Dubai was and will always be the best choice for me. 

Dubai had offered me the chance to prove myself. And through hard work and perseverance I was able to be where I am today.

But it was not as easy as you can imagine, it was not a walk in the park. I went through all the hardship and sacrifices just to be here (more on that on my next post).

Monday, September 12, 2016

12 Sept 2006

Exactly 10 years ago today, I submitted my letter of resignation to my former boss. I can still vividly remember how my boss reacted when I handed over my letter.

She was not  shock but I guess she never expected that I'll be leaving the company my way because she knows that I support my family and I needed my job more than anything else.  My boss disliked me, she doesn't like how I carry myself. She despised my confidence, the way I dressed up, and even the way i treated the people around me. 

Anyway, my heart was full of joy the when I finally had the courage to say yes I am resigning and yes I am going to find  better life outside the Philippines.

It was this day that I felt I was free. 

(image from google)

No, my former boss was not that bad, maybe just maybe we're not really meant to be the best of colleagues.

I love my old job because I get to meet a lot of people and explore different places in the metro.

But I needed to moved on, to find a better career opportunity so I decided to go to Dubai and to find my own real place under the sun.

This is just the start of my series of post about my life in Dubai.

Friday, October 23, 2015

OFW Life: 24 hours is never Enough

And I've been out of the blogging world again for such a long time. I had to prioritize work above anything else and I just can't wait to relax and be more chill.

I was on the verge of having a breakdown because of the stress I am feeling at work, though I am and will always be thankful with what I have right now.

It all started when my co-admin went on vacation and 2 more admins had gone on their maternity leave. I was assigned to handle our top guy and at the same time train the new hires. It as not an easy task as I was also handling my team. Imagine this, 3 departments + top guy + 1 department + training of new hires and the result is this:



The truth is this is (until now) how I looked like:


I almost slept in my office just to make sure that I 'd be able to do everything, but I can't. My social life had even suffered because I can't even see my friends on weekends because I am too tired to go out. I would rather stay in bed and rest. I even have to wash my clothes weekly because I don't have the strength to do it after office hours. I almost didn't cook. I survived by buying cooked meals to spare myself from the effort of cutting ingredients and cooking. The only thing that made my work life bearable was the fact that my boss is very understanding and supportive and well our top guy is just awesome!

I feel like 24 hours was not enough and will never be enough for me.

I've also learned that time management will never be applicable on my situation. It is more on coping up with my everyday task. I had to learn to prioritize and to say no and really mean it. 

Right now it's still busy but not as busy as before. I just wish for more brighter days and less hassle work day.

How about you, how do you cope up with your busy work life?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

OFW Life: Wannabe Fashion Photographer

My career as a wannabe fashion photographer started last year when I was currently on hiatus with my blogging life. I was so bored not doing anything at all but was so lazy to update my blog when I met Iggy.

Iggy is a Dutch fashion model who stayed in Dubai for a short period of time.  I guess it was fate that had brought us together since I love checking out the ootd's of fashion bloggers but never had the guts to post my own ootds. 

She was a wonderful subject. I guess she does not have a bad angle. I am super overwhelmed as Iggy was not just your regular fashion / lifestyle blogger but also an in demand model. She had already modeled for Ralph Lauren, Demetrios', Nicolas Jebran, H.J de Rooy, Sharkiah, Van Cleef Arpels, Breitling and some other brands.

Here are some of the shots I made that she posted on her blog. Please forgive me if some of my shots are not that nice as I am not a professional photographer just posing as one.

Using my trusted Ipad Mini, this was our first set. 

Taken last year, this was for her UAE National Day Post. I had used my Sony NEX 3 for this photo and the next ones.

That Girl in Sneaker series

Go Green 

Not your ordinary school girl

Taken inside Gramercy. I super love this set because we get to take a lot of good photos inside the restaurant.

She almost stopped the traffic.

Taken at the Ritz Carlton Bridge in DIFC. 

Super love this shot.

Colorful you

In Love with boots


This was one of best photos I've taken of her. She just slayed it.

I had been missing Iggy since she left Dubai. I just hope i would get to work with her again.

For more photos and info, you can visit her blog at

Friday, July 3, 2015

Essentials and Co. - Your One Stop Shop

Essentials and Co is a collaboration between my WAHM friend and I. It's an online store that caters with all your needs.

We are focus on selling Ikea  products but we also sell other stuff like perfumes, shoes, clothes and the likes.

Go check and like our facebook page. Products are updated almost everyday.

We are about to end our pre-order period and if you want to order lease drop us a line or two on our facebook page.

Here are some of the products that we are currently selling:

Bed sheets for your quilts

Wall lamps for kids and the kids at heart

Ikea Uplighter / Reading Lamps

These are some of the items that are for sale. 

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

OFW Life: My Starbucks Mug Collection

I love Starbucks, my best girlfriends can attest to that. Back in the Philippines i collected receipts from Starbucks especially if I had been in that store for the first time.

My favorite drinks are Apple Berry Freeze with Whipped Cream Blended, Caramel Macchiato and of course the classic Mocha Frapuccino.

Anyway, most people find me weird with my Apple Berry freeze combo but well that's just me. Sadly, this drink is not available here in Dubai. This concoction was not my original, I was introduced to it my by friend Nat.

Say hi to my forever favorite:

Since we're talking about Starbucks, let me share with you another fact about me. I recently started collecting Starbucks mugs and I am kinda getting addicted to it. At first I just find it nice to have some nice mug from your favorite coffee company but then that collector bug had hit me big time. I am not as hardcore as some other people who had started their collection from way back.

Most of my mug has some stories to tell. By the way, most  of my collection where given to me and some I bought while traveling.

My first mug was from Seoul, Korea. This was given to me by my friend Ems. It's a very special mug since this mug had started my collection.

Next was my Singapore mug which was given to me by my colleague Deepak. He went to Singapore to watch the Formula 1 Race. I didn't even ask him to buy me a mug, I just accidentally mentioned it that I was collecting. Imagine my surprise when he hand it over to me. I was really ecstatic that I could do a cartwheel even if i don't know how to do it.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Elle + Reign

My love for event coordination was one of the main reason that my friends and I started Elle + Reign. Our small company caters from simple events planning to corporate events. The idea of creating Elle + Reign was not easy as I have to consider who will my partner's gonna be. My first idea was just to have a simple candy buffet company so I first offered this to a friend but unfortunately she had said no.

As days goes by I became so restless, I feel that I really need to have this idea come into life so here I am again searching for the perfect partner. Maybe God had heard my little cry so He gave me Elle as my ultimate partner but also became one of my best friends and as an addition we later got Micah to be one of our partner.

We started planning and decided to call our little baby as Thinkerbelles and Co. I even made an entry about this but never did a follow up. But then again, we felt that our company name is too childish and not so professional so while brainstorming we decided to call it Elle + Reign.

We are so proud to tell you that we did some really good events in the past and we're open ready to help you in all your party needs.

Here are some of the projects we recently did:

A Mickey Mouse Birthday Party for Andriv Jan
It's AJ's first birthday and his parents wanted to give him an event to remember. We had made a customized birthday invitation which was given to his Godparents.

Our Handmade Invitation

Our Stage and Ceiling Arrangement

We also made the souvenirs for the guest.