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Friday, May 25, 2012

Food is Love: Bubbles and Boba

When my friend Ems told me that Bubbles and Boba had opened in Dubai Mall i was so ecstatic. I've been meaning to have some bubble milk tea for quite some time now (i am not satisfied with the one from Panda Chinese). I was addicted to Quickly way back in the Manila. Mind you, Quickly was the shizz in our time ( we don't have Serenitea etc etc..), their Taro Milk Tea is yummeeehhh.

We went to Dubai Mall this afternoon to satisfy our craving for some bubble tea. 

Bubbles and Boba kiosk is located at the 2nd Floor of Dubai Mall  near the food court and REEL cinema.

Are you ready for your ultimate milk tea experience??

Hello there Tapiocas!

This is how they do it...

Tapiocas up close

Price  - Menu List. 

I ordered their signature bubble milk tea, and I am happy to report that they are absolutely awesome. I love it, definitely a must drink this summer.

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