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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tondo Girl Goes to: Gothenburg, Sweden - Välkommen!

My first trip outside Dubai was something i will not forget. First, I traveled alone. I am not good with direction, most of the time naliligaw ako. Sometimes pag sinasabi ko na left ang gusto kong puntahan right. Second, i was able to travel abroad 4 months after i was hired. Diba ang bongga lang ng training ko.

So let me share with you my Gothenburg, Sweden experience. First time traveler kaya medyo slow ako when it comes to taking pics and roaming around the city. If I only knew before na pwede akong manggaling ng Norway pabalik ng Dubai nag tren na sana ako pa Oslo or nagbarko via Stena Lines papuntang Finland. Kaya lang mahal ng charge ng changes sa ticket.

 Photo blog:

Landvetter International Airport - Gothenburg

Summer in Hono. I went there on August, just in time to experience their summer season. Summer season here is like winter in Dubai. I still need to wear a jacket when I am outside.

A lot of people owned a small yacht in the island. A colleague of mine own this small yacht that they always use when entertaining visitors. Unfortunately i was there for a short period of time so we weren't  able to cruise along the island.

View from outside my window. I stayed in one of the of the service apartment of my company. Kinda creepy kase i was hearing some noises at night. Kaloka, ayun pala malapit ako sa factory (toinkz). Saka  the apartment was surrounded by trees kaya yung hampas nung mga sanga ng puno sa bintana nagugulat ako. This photo was taken at around 7PM na so diba ang kaloka naman ang pagtulog kaya ang kapal ng mga kurtina para di tumagos ang liwanag.

This is where I stayed after I moved out from the apartment.  It's my colleague's home in Ockero. It is made out of wood so talaga feeling nasa log cabin lang ako. Wala silang aircon meron heater. Kabog no.

To be able to go the city you need to ride a barge. This was my view on my way to Gothenburg City. I think it was like 15-20 minutes ride and then after that you need to take a bus to reach the city proper. 

Sweden has a lot windmills. They use wind power to meet the electricity demand of Sweden and also to meet the EU requirements of higher proportion of renewable energy.

City! It was a chilly afternoon.

Nordstan- Sweden's largest shopping centre. I had a grand time checking H&M. 

Outside Nordstan 

Streets of Göteborg

 Gothenburg's Tourist Center. You can find a lot of nice souvenirs here.

 Goteborgs Kulturkalas

Choo Choo Train 

 Went to Liseberg. Liseberg is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia by the number of rides 
(source: Wiki)

This is where I had my lunch..tex mex it is.

I was so heartbroken because i was not able to win these! 

Inside Liseberg

 Balder is a wooden roller coaster in Liseberg. No, I didn't ride this because I am scared of heights and it looks so scary.


Gasten Ghost Hostel.  I lost my voice after going here,. It was soooo scary.

Overall my Sweden experience is fantastic though I was not ale to go to some museums and other heritage places due to lack of time and I stayed in the island because of my training. I would love to comeback again and explore the city and go to IKEA. 

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