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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Below photos were taken by my cousin outside their home during the massive flooding caused by monsoon rain (Habagat) last August 7-9. I really can't believe it when she shared these shots on her facebook account. Lahat kami sa Pampanga nakatira, luckily my parents had not experienced this but my sister's house was submerged to knee deep flood for 2 days.

From the outside - they need to use a banca as mode of transportation 


The water almost reaches the roof 


 Inside their house - this is so heart breaking, seeing your house submerged into flood water and you cannot do anything. I pray that this never happens again to anyone.

At the gate

Thank God they were all safe and nothing much worst than this had happened. 

***all photos were taken by Engr. LPM, edited via pic monkey - thanks for allowing me to use your photos***

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