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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Night in Amal Restaurant & Some Random Shots

Last February 22, our team had sponsored a dinner for our vendors. It was held in Amal Restaurant in Armani Hotel. The view was breath taking so was the Indian food that we had that night. Unfortunately, I was not able to take some photos of the food but lemme tell you everything was great. The service was superb and everybody had a good time getting acquainted.

The reason why we chose Amal was because they were so flexible with our request and we were able to book their balcony dining area which was a major requirement for the said event.

Here are some of the snaps that I was able to take from the terraza of the restaurant:

The breathtaking Dubai Fountain Show with I Will Always Love You as a background music. A must see!

You can see the The Address Hotel from afar.



Everyone was so mesmerized by the sight of this.

Incomparable show

I just had a goosebumps on this part of the show. I just felt so emotional that my eyes had gone misty.

Final Bow

Outside after the fountain show - such a serene moment 

Inside Amal 

One of the best interior I've ever seen

Cooking station - You can see how they prepare your food here.

At the entrance

Outside Armani Hotel at night

I knew from the start that our event will be a big hit because Amal has a very efficient team. They had attended to our every need and you can tell that they handled all of us with care, a proof that they are very much experienced and professional when handling big groups. 


  1. Hello! I found your blog at expat-blog. =) You had a fab night at Armani/Amal. I love dining out as well. Based on your post, I think Armani/Amal should be on my list.

  2. Hello there Ladyandhersweetescape...nice of you to drop by on my blog! I appreciate your comment. And yes just like you I love dining out. You should definitely try Amal if you're looking for some good Indian Food.

  3. Such a beautiful place! You are lucky to see such beautiful places!

  4. OMG! Nice photos! I wish to go to that kind of places too. I'm an aspiring traveler :)