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Friday, October 26, 2012

Tondo Girl Goes to: Musandam, Oman - A Dhow Cruise Experience

My friend Ef celebrated her birthday last September 14 by treating us to a dhow cruise experience in Musandam, Oman.  I was having 2nd thoughts if I will go because I had some meetings scheduled on that day but luckily I was able to re-booked it.

Meeting time was at 6.30 AM at their place in International City but we were able to leave at around 8AM, and off we go to Oman. It was a hot sunny day and we came so prepared by wearing the  comfiest clothes ever, this is Middle East and when you say it is hot it means scorching hot. 

Let my photos speaks about our experience:

We took the route going to Fujairah to reach Musandam. Our tour operator had their own big buses to take us to Musandam but we opted to use our own transportation so that we can plan our trip on our own. 
Tip: We got a cheaper rate because of this. So if you have friends who has their own transpo and knows how to got to Musandam  better use it. :-)

At the pier



At the island. 
Everybody was so excited to dive in. I on the other hand did not take a dip in the water as I really don't know how to swim and I am chicken like that even though they've provided a life vest (maybe next time).

Not alone.

Banana Boat Ride

Additional Info:

- Food was served. It was included in the package but I strongly advise that you bring your own food. The menu were mostly Arabic and Indian so if you're quite particular with what you will eat better have a back up.

- Tour was fun especially for those adventurous individual. It includes:

     * a banana boat ride
     * snorkeling (they will provide you with the gears needed)
     * fishing
     * unlimited beverages (no alcoholic drinks)

- You need to bring your valid passport and UAE visa to be presented when going in and out of Oman boarders. 

Overall the trip was fun. I had a great time with my friends and would definitely go back again. 
Tour Operator: Ashok Tours
Contact person:  Vicky - 055-1172526

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