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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tondo Girl Goes to: Jordan - Day 1

My trip to Jordan was one of my life's highlight last year. Applying my visa was a breeze since I was carrying a complete set of requirements for my application. My friends and I were so blessed to find a tourist guide in Jordan who had helped us with our hotel reservation and the tour.

Guide on how to apply a Jordanian tourist visa will be posted on a separate blog entry. 

I know this trip would be fun since I was traveling with Lilia and Roma.

It was the night of October 13, 2011 when we left for Amman via Fly Dubai. Traveling with a budget airline means you need to pay for every thing. The best option for you not to be ripped off is to buy your food and water from Mc Donalds and Duty Free which we did.

Flight was okay,  though a funny thing had happened inside the aircraft as one flight attendant just shouted at a passenger to take his seat because the air craft was taking off. I just didn't like sitting beside a stinky male passenger. I can't breath properly and what was worst was he was coughing and had been spitting all his phlegm in a plastic bag (sorry TMI). 

Landed in Queen Alia International Airport at around 9.30 pm and we directly went to the immigration where we did our eye scan and passport stamping.

Got out at around 10PM and met Mohamed our tour guide who was waiting for us and off we go to Amman city center. The airport was around 45 minutes to the hotel. 

If you are a budget traveler don't expect your hotel to be as beautiful as a 5-star hotel. We stayed in Firas Hotel which is now called Firas Wings which i think was decent enough for back packers like us.

We hit the bed right away as we need to wake up early in the morning for our Petra tour.

We started our long journey at around 7.00AM. Amman is a quiet city in the morning. No open restaurant to eat for breakfast. We ended up having bread in a medium sized cafeteria. 

The travel to Petra was about 4 hours without any stopovers. But we can't helped but ask Mohamad to stop at Shobak Castle.

According to Sacred Destinations:

Shobak castle is an early 12th -century Crusader castle in barren surroundings. It was originally called as Krak de Montreal or Mons Regalis. Built in 1115, it was the first of many fortifications built beyond Jordan by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem to guard the road from Egypt to Damascus.

By the way entrance is free.

At the entarance

Shobak Castle

Shobak castle from afar.

You can buy some touristy items from Jordan.

The never ending road

Some Jordan posters.

This road was the way going to Petra.

We had a very good lunch here at the Sand Stone Restaurant.They have a very tasty rice and i love it. Maybe because it was kind'a salty. 

Entrance Fee to Petra. This was quite expensive but definitely worth it. 

A map that leads you to Petra. You can just imagine our excitement by just looking at it. 
And now we shall begin our almost 3 hours walk to see the magnificent Petra. It was mid - October and the weather was still hot but not too hot for this adventure.

On the the way to The Siq.  

Your trip can be easier by riding these donkey carriages. I think the cost was around 15 to 20 JOD which for us was a bit expensive. 

Entrance to The Siq. This will lead you to Petra. Make sure to wear a very comfortable shoes as you will be walking an approximate 1 mile to see the beauty of Petra.

You can find these beautiful sand stone carvings.

And finally we had reached the peak of our tour. The Amazing Petra. I really don't know what I had felt at that time. Maybe i really can't believe that I am seeing it for the first time and was so mesmerized by its beauty. 

According to Sacred Destinations:

Petra is a spectacular Nabatean city in western Jordan. With massive facades that have been carved entirely out of existing red sand stone.

It has been a city of religious significance since ancient times. It has a number of connections with Old Testament: the nearby Ain Mousa (Spring of Moses) is believed to where  Moses struck a rock with his staff to extract water, and Aaron is said to have died in the Petra and been buried atop Jabal Haroun.

Petra from my view.

You can experience riding a camel for 3 JOD.

To the Monastery

Here we found a souvenir shop that makes handmade sand bottle.

This concludes our day 1 in Jordan.


  1. Your trip to Jordan certainly looks exciting - the backdrop is lovely on the photos and it must truly be a rewarding experience for you and your friends :)

  2. Hi Farida!

    Yes it is. We enjoyed our short vacation in Jordan. :-)
    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I was at your Day 2 Trip, I will not miss out the first day trip at Jordan too. Thanks for taking me with you through your pictures. :)

  4. hi January - thanks for visiting. it's been really my dream to visit Jordan.

  5. Wow! Sounds like a very interesting trip! I'm not sure i can walk a mile though. I would need endurance training and back strengthening before I can go on a trip like this :) The Petra really looks magnificent!

  6. I have heard Petra is awesome but at this time, I still have some fear about the security of the place!

  7. I want to see Petra too! Did you also went to the Dead Sea?