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Friday, January 18, 2013

OFW Life: Busy Bee

My life is back to normal, normal means being busy the whole day at work. No blog update for the whole week, almost no social life and with that I know I needed a break. So here I am updating my beloved blog and re-sizing some photos for my other posts.

I am this busy:

It is only the 3rd week of January but it seems like there's no stopping with my workload. Imagine this, one of the team decided to take me as one of their member in their upcoming project. Just to give you a little background about my job, i am working as an administrative assistant here in Dubai under the Marketing department. Right now, my plate is full 4 events on February, paper works, bookings and meetings and a lot. 

But I am thankful with everything, i get to learn more, use my capabilities and share what i know with team. 

Happy reading people and thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post. 


  1. i like the photo, very busy indeed hahaha

  2. Don't over-tire yourself, sis! Remember to take little breaks!

  3. Just like yours, I was really busy in my work at the start of the year. There are lot of projects left behind last year that needs to be done this month.

  4. I am busy with my work, my blogs and our online business too. I do multitasking most of the times. Sometimes I don't even got a chance to comb my hair. Hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  5. Ahhh yes, sometimes, we are trapped with work life and we tend to forget some aspects of our lives. I hope your office would advocate "work-life balance."

    Kaya mo yan, Sis. :)