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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Food is Love: Bentoya Kitchen

I am a fan of Japanese food. I love eating katsus, sobas, makis and more. My to go Japanese resto in Dubai will always be Bentoya. I discovered Bentoya while I was so pissed off and craving for some Jap food to distressed. Checking the web, i saw some good reviews about it and from then on it became my favorite.

Their restaurant is nothing fancy, just simple but very pleasant and comfortable. Service is always good. They have 3 branches in Dubai one in Sheikh Zayed Road , one is in Al Garhoud and the last one is in Jebel Ali Freezone Food Court. Tried all these branches and their service and food is always superb.

Al Garhoud Branch. Love the ambiance.

The Menu

Uhuh...what should I eat???

Ebi Tempura - so good that I was trying not to get another order because we had a lot in our table. What i love about their tempura is that they are using big prawns unlike other restaurant where they used small prawns and they just use a lot of batter to look like its big.

Beef Katsu Curry - yummm. This was my meal. It was a big serving and  good for 2 even three if you are on diet. I love it. Not too spicy just enough to give you the kick you are looking for in a curry.

Seafood Tantanmen - This soup is so good. Big serving also and good for 2 person.

My hands down favorite - Dubai Maki reverse! I love this. Honestly I am not a fan of Maki way back in the Philippines. Not good with my tummy but with Bentoya, I discovered that I can enjoy maki without thinking of some gruesome things to happen after eating.

Grilled Karubi - tender beef strips that's cooked to perfection.

Overall I always enjoy eating in Bentoya. This is the mopst authentic Japanese restaurant for me why beacuse I saw Japanaese nationals eating there too. :-)

The price is average. No need to spend loads when dining here.

Our Bill:

Ebi Tempura - 58.00 AED

Beef Katsu Curry - 50.00 AED

Seafood Tantanmen - 55.00 AED

Reversed Maki - 33.00 AED

Grilled Karubi - 47.00 AED

Total:  243.00 AED

(Rice and Drinks not include).

Bentoya Branches:

Sheikh Zayed Road
Al Kawakeb Building
near Emirates Grand Hotel (get off DIF Metro Station)
Tel: 04 -3430222

Garhoud Branch
Garhoud Bridge Road
Garhoud View Bldg
Tel: 04-2369666 


  1. The seafood tantanmen looks really good! I love soups and everything Japanese! :)

  2. I also love maki. Glad it doesn't have any adverse effect on my stomach hehehe. I could gobble 8 pieces in a few minutes.

  3. awww, bigla akong nagutom...fave ko ang ebi tempura!

  4. I love Ebi Tempura but try to avoid it. Not the healthiest Japanese dish. I like California Maki and the beef.

  5. Japanese food is love! I also like the soup!!!

  6. Is Seafood Tantanmen spicy? Kakagutom naman. Hehe. I love looking at food photos kaso un nga nakakagutom.

    Mommy Maye

  7. The food really looks good and I love it that the serving sizes are big.. the ones here in Singapore are really tiny and the food is not that affordable.

  8. i love Japanese food too.. i love gyudon and california maki and miso soup. hehehe

  9. Oh I love grilled karubi!!! Drooling =P~

  10. you're right the restaurant is presentable as I look at the picture.. the foods looks yummy too.. Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  11. Send me some Beef katsu curry, please :) All the dishes looks good!

  12. I may suggest this one to my friend based in Dubai too.

  13. I also had katsu curry last week, but not in bentoya! Thanks for sharing. Might drop by there soon.

  14. delicious! i like california maki

  15. Wow ang sarap naman nyan. Nagutom ako bigla hehe.. :)

  16. I really want to try more Japanese dishes but I have to do it when I'm alone. My kids kasi, they don't like to try Japanese foods. They just want to stick with Asian cuisine. :)

  17. Crown Plaza which is situated in Dubai and this is the best restaurant in Dubai I mean at all. Last month we stayed Dubai for about 15 days and we took our dinner at Crown Plaza. You know their teppanyaki, salads were really awesome and also delicious as well which we ever ate. Hope in near future we will go again there.