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Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm Back!

I miss you blog. I know, i know I was out for almost 3 months. But here I am, I am so back in the blogging world. It's just that I got so tied up with work that my blogging life has to be set aside. I have so many stories to share and I've listed it up so that I will not forget anything.

I've organized around 4 events at work (3 workshops and 1 BIG conference). So you can just imagine how I am running like a headless chicken in the office trying to do everything and beat the deadline and of course make sure that all these events will be perfect (uhm almost).

I have some friends who left Dubai for good (ouch) and one of my best friend got married last 420 (woohoo).

Right now I am preparing for another workshop happening here in Dubai but not as involved as the last time. So yey for more free time.

I also got sick after my big event, I am not a super woman after all.

Anyway.... I am back!

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