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Sunday, September 1, 2013

OFW Life: 6 Years

It's been six long years, and I still miss you. I miss everything about you. I am getting a bit sentimental right now because I saw some photos of our old house in Manila. Unfortunately, it's not there anymore.

September 1, 2007 will always be memorable to me as our dear beloved home in Manila got burned and nothing was left. I felt like my childhood memories was snatched out of my life because I grew up there. My family and I had spent almost all of our lives there and I was even convinced that this will be my retirement home or my ancestral home.

The only remains of what used to be our home:

I know it's been years but I can't help but shed a tear. Just seeing like this makes me want to weep. I can still imagine my self seating in the balcony just watching my neighbors while sipping a cup of coffee or a cup of taho. 

I still remember this someone (used to be friend) who told our friends that our house is ugly, a house of poor people. But for me who cares, it doesn't matter if our house is not beautiful or we are poor at least we can call it a home and our family love each other so much. I was never ashamed of our house nor our poorness.

Actually this house is never ours, we were renting it before until the owner died. Would you believe that this is a 2 bedroom apartment? We had to stopped paying the rent when the owner died. A lot of my relatives from both father and mother side had live here. It even housed around 15-20 people before. 

I miss you.... I miss Tondo... I miss my friends whom I grew up with. But I am thankful that when the fire happened my parents were not there especially my Father who was just recovering from a heart operation.

The year 2007 will always be memorable and this is one of the reason why.

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