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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Comeback Post

Hey there I am still alive and kicking!!!

I know it's been quite a while but my life was on a whirlwind these past few months. I was so caught up with work after my Eid holidays in Sri Lanka and Maldives (to post soon) that I didn't have the time to blog as my as I really do maximized my rest days. 

So what's up with Tondo Girl?

Okay, as I have mentioned above, my friends and I went on a holiday in Sri Lanka and Maldives last October. It was a fun vacation as I get to relax my body and my mind with all the hustle and bustle in Dubai.

After my vacation, it was back to work. Our team had welcomed new additions which means more task to do for me. I am now supporting 27 people from 3 different departments and 5 of them were Directors. What a busy life indeed.

Then the storm Haiyan happened, that really did it as I was so devastated just watching the news. I feel so broken hearted with everything that has happened in our country. I didn't have the heart to post something happy when most of our kababayans were suffering. 

I have so many posts that needs to be posted but....

Also November was my birthday month. I had a planned my celebration in haste as I was so busy planning our office team building activity and a farewell party to my 2 colleague.

Oh another thing I lost some weight. I can now wear my dresses without any hesitation. This makes me happy.

I am moving out from my present accommodation. Now the dilemma of finding a decent room starts now. As you all know, Dubai won the Expo 2020 which means more job in Dubai but higher cost of living.

I am excited to do more blog post just hang in there and be with me.


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  1. Welcome back and hope to see more of your writings in 2014. Happy New Year!