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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thinker-Bells & Co.

One of the things that's keeping me so busy nowadays is Thinker-Belles & Co. Opps.... I know i know. But this is one of my babies that's coming out soon.

So let me give you a background. My friend Yela and I both have a sweet tooth so one day, I had given her a small business proposal about candy buffet and she loved it. From then on we started researching on how we can establish our little business and from there Thinker-Belles & Co., was born.

Thinker-belles means beautiful thinkers (hahahaha)! I am so happy that if everything goes our way we will be launching our services in Dubai on June.

To everyone who's currently in Dubai right now, we are accepting reservation for your candy buffet needs. Our Facebook page will be up soon!

Sneak Peek!

It's A Mickey Mouse Party!

Oh It's Sugar Rush Coming!

Brought to you by Thinker-Belles & Co.

Please email us at

We can make your special day more special!

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