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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thinking About The Future

Months from now I will be celebrating my 8th year in Dubai. A lot of people I know thinks that since I've been away for so long working as an OFW i'd be rich by (oh how I wish), but I am not. I am still that same girl who left our Motherland years ago to find a greener pasture.

Managing my finances is a such a hard thing for me to do because I have a lot of bills to pay. remittance that I need to send every month etc. But this year I've decided that I need think about my future.

Last April, I've  finally gave in into getting a life / investment plan with Sun Life of Canada and I am happy because I have something to look forward to especially when I decided to retire and go back to the Philippines.

Before getting Sun Life of Canada, I had made a thorough research about insurance companies in the Philippines  and most blog I've read  had really good words about Sun Life. And I know I am in good hands because my Insurance Advisor is one of my best friends in Manila.

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