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Thursday, July 10, 2014

What I am Up To?

It was a few days ago when a thought hit me that it's been ages since I last updated my blog. So here I am trying to put into words what I have in mind for quite some time now.

Ever since I got back from my vacation I became so restless, like I need some change or a lot of it. I was never like this before, but thinking about it I guess I just really wanted to stay in the Philippines with my family and never come back in Dubai. Sadly I can't because of so many reasons and honestly I have a more comfortable life in Dubai compared in the Philippines.

Don't get me wrong I love everything about my dear mother land but it is so hard to live a good life if there are no jobs available, traffic is bad and just thinking about riding the MRT makes it worst.

Anyway, enough of this I just really don't know what I want to write right now. It seems that a lot of thought bubble are swimming into my head and I don't know where to start.

So what's keeping me busy? First, work (burned out actually), second is our events management / events planning service, third is my trying to get back that sexy body again and lastly our family had welcomed an additional member (more on that on my next post).

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