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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Elle + Reign

My love for event coordination was one of the main reason that my friends and I started Elle + Reign. Our small company caters from simple events planning to corporate events. The idea of creating Elle + Reign was not easy as I have to consider who will my partner's gonna be. My first idea was just to have a simple candy buffet company so I first offered this to a friend but unfortunately she had said no.

As days goes by I became so restless, I feel that I really need to have this idea come into life so here I am again searching for the perfect partner. Maybe God had heard my little cry so He gave me Elle as my ultimate partner but also became one of my best friends and as an addition we later got Micah to be one of our partner.

We started planning and decided to call our little baby as Thinkerbelles and Co. I even made an entry about this but never did a follow up. But then again, we felt that our company name is too childish and not so professional so while brainstorming we decided to call it Elle + Reign.

We are so proud to tell you that we did some really good events in the past and we're open ready to help you in all your party needs.

Here are some of the projects we recently did:

A Mickey Mouse Birthday Party for Andriv Jan
It's AJ's first birthday and his parents wanted to give him an event to remember. We had made a customized birthday invitation which was given to his Godparents.

Our Handmade Invitation

Our Stage and Ceiling Arrangement

We also made the souvenirs for the guest.

Candy Buffet Station - This was a big hit with all the guests.

Party Proper - We hired the best clown in Dubai.

Keith and Arcee's Wedding

This event was very to our hearts. It's a union of two soul and a journey to forever.

The reception was at the poolside and we made sure that the bride and groom will be the center of attention

The table set-up.

Our dessert / candy buffet which as always was a hit.

Our arrangement at night.

Our lovely bride Arcee.

Rod & Claire's After Wedding Reception for Dubai Friends

They got married in the Philippines but wanted to share their special day to their Dubai friends.

Simple set-up

Sweets Buffet

Full Set-Up

Marielle's Baby Shower

Marielle considers her baby as a miracle, so she and her husband wanted to share their happiness their few selected friends.

Sweets Buffet

Up Close



Tushi's 5th Birthday

Tushita loves Hello Kitty!

Simple arrangement as requested by the parents of the celebrant.


Party proper

To get our services please check our Facebook Account: Elle + Reign.


  1. So nice. Good luck to your new ventures. It always help that we love what we do. We will never get tired kasi.

  2. the mickey mouse themed party looks amazing, kids and guests will definitely have fun

  3. I remember it was our son's 2nd birthday when we had a DIY Mickey Mouse party.

  4. Mickey Mouse is my son' theme when he was 4 yrs old and we have the same invitation style. :)

  5. Its look very nice :-) you are so creative good luck in your upcoming projects and congrats. I love your balloon decors love the combination of colors