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Sunday, June 21, 2015

OFW Life: My Starbucks Mug Collection

I love Starbucks, my best girlfriends can attest to that. Back in the Philippines i collected receipts from Starbucks especially if I had been in that store for the first time.

My favorite drinks are Apple Berry Freeze with Whipped Cream Blended, Caramel Macchiato and of course the classic Mocha Frapuccino.

Anyway, most people find me weird with my Apple Berry freeze combo but well that's just me. Sadly, this drink is not available here in Dubai. This concoction was not my original, I was introduced to it my by friend Nat.

Say hi to my forever favorite:

Since we're talking about Starbucks, let me share with you another fact about me. I recently started collecting Starbucks mugs and I am kinda getting addicted to it. At first I just find it nice to have some nice mug from your favorite coffee company but then that collector bug had hit me big time. I am not as hardcore as some other people who had started their collection from way back.

Most of my mug has some stories to tell. By the way, most  of my collection where given to me and some I bought while traveling.

My first mug was from Seoul, Korea. This was given to me by my friend Ems. It's a very special mug since this mug had started my collection.

Next was my Singapore mug which was given to me by my colleague Deepak. He went to Singapore to watch the Formula 1 Race. I didn't even ask him to buy me a mug, I just accidentally mentioned it that I was collecting. Imagine my surprise when he hand it over to me. I was really ecstatic that I could do a cartwheel even if i don't know how to do it.

Kuwait was my next mug. This was given to me by my blogger / model friend Iggy. She went on a photo shoot in Kuwait, i asked her if she could get me one and voila she didn't forget! 

Another GCC country was added in my collection with a plus! My colleagues went to Qatar on a business trip and of course I asked them if they could get me a city / country mug and guess what?

A mug and a tumbler! So happy to get these babies. This was also my first Starbucks tumbler.

My friend Teresa J. won a contest online and the price well, a trip to Shanghai. This mug is memorable since it came from her and will always remember it as it was Teresa J's first time in China.

Lebanon mug and tumbler were from my recent trip to Beirut with my colleagues. They were laughing their heads off when they saw me hoarding mugs and tumblers in Starbucks. 

The Zurich mug was given to me by my colleague Ivan who went to Switzerland for a business trip. He knows that I am collecting and he was happy adding something in my collection.

My Dubai mug was given to me by Elle. She was laughing at me because I've got mugs from other places but never bother to have Dubai. She's my self proclaimed mug fairy and gifted me with my Dubai city mug.

My Cairo mug and tumbler were bought at the same time by my colleagues who saw each other at Starbucks Cairo Airport. Both of them were buying the same thing and decided to split it up. Thanks to Dina and Georges. Another thing, my other boss also bought me a Cairo mug. I really get so lucky sometime.

My Istanbul mug was given to me by Keith and Arcee. Elle + Reign's first bride and groom. They bought it while having their honeymoon in Turkey.

The Riyadh mug and tumbler was given to my by nephew Colet. He exited Saudi and this was his souvenir for me. 

My boss' trip from Dubai to Istanbul was a big mess. His flight was delayed for almost 2 hours which made him missed his connecting flight to Ankara. I was really touched when on the first Sunday after his trip he had given me a Starbucks paper bag with a mug in it. With all that had happened he still remembered my collection.

I still have some at home back in the Philippines that I need to put here. I will update this again once my sister's done taking pictures of it.

This is me sipping my hot chocolate!

How about you, what's your collection?


  1. I love Starbucks, too. What I have are the tumblers. These two mugs are pretty.

  2. I'm not a coffee lover but I do visit Starbucks from time to time because I like their sandwiches, pastries and cakes.

  3. I am not much of a fan of coffee but I do love drinking at Starbucks. It's great to see you're collecting mugs from them.

  4. Wow those are pretty mugs. I love them all, but I don't go to Starbucks.. Hehe maybe its because I am not a coffee lover :D

  5. That was a nice collection! I tried buying from starbucks a coffee frappe and it tasted good, minsan lng because of my budget;)

  6. wow! Cute mugs and tumblers! Not an SB goer here too. lol. I'm more on milk. lol.

  7. My wife does the same thing. The best one I've seen from her collection is the United Nations mug. It's quite big, double the size of regular mug.

  8. I love starbucks, :-) its my comfort drink. My friend loves to collect Starbucks mugs also. I love to collect bags kasi :-)

    1. oohhhh...don't get me started with bags, I have a lot. Another perk of being woman. :-)

  9. Cool collection! Honestly I don't collect things, I collect moments. lol :)

  10. Cool collection! Especially the ones from various places and with interesting stories attached to them. My collection is made up of keychains. :-)

  11. I only drink SB in Ph bec of its accessibility sa dami ng stores! I have yet to try the 3rd wave coffee shops. I hope the coffees are much better :) I also have a mug from sb way before their country and city series but not a collector.