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Saturday, June 6, 2015

What's Up?

I keep reminding myself to start writing again. I love blogging mind you, but there are times when you just can't find the strength to do it or you feel the lack of inspiration. I, myself experienced that. I had a lot of I am back post but never had a followed up post or if ever I'd write again it will take me sometime.

Life has been so busy. Work mostly occupied my time. I am having a hard time balancing my work and personal life. My life at work well it's work. Busy doing this and that for everybody that I feel so burned out. Please, do not think that I do not love  what I do but sometimes there will come a point in your life that you want some changes to happen. When you do the same thing everyday, you'll get bored or you'll feel that there's no challenge anymore. I feel that, I really do.

I am an achiever, and it hurt me the most to see myself fail or get rejected. Is this bad? I just want to do more, to prove myself that I can do better with what I am doing right now. Some friends would tell me to go and find a new job, but I love my company and I know that If I will be given a chance I know that I can prove my worth.

Anyway, enough of the drama maybe the hot temperature makes me so emotional. But oh well at least I get to express myself through this platform.

Another thing that's keeping me busy is my baby Elle + Reign. Our company does event planning. Oh should see our events and mind you we don't charge too much just friendly kabayan price. I'll be posting a separate post on this.

A friend of mine and I also started selling online. Our store sells authentic IKEA stuff. Please do visit our Facebook Page: Essentials and Co for more details:

Also, I get to go home this year and finally met our family's newest member, my one and only nephew. This will also have a separate post.

As I was checking my drafts, I realized that I had a lot of pending post to do like my travel to Sri Lanka, Maldives and Lebanon. 

I am still getting a lot of hits on my old post the OFW Life: Cost of Living in Dubai. I will update this and will also share more about my experience here in Dubai. This is my 9th year here and this OFW Life series will be full pack.

I love fashion like a normal woman do so I will also be sharing with you some of my ootd's that can fit the budget of an OFW like me.

Food is my life, I have a love and hate relationship with it. New food reviews and some easy peasy recipes will be shared here.

I am just so excited to finally get back into blogging. I am still looking for someone who can help me do my blog design though.

Gotta go for now! Will have to start writing post!

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