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Friday, October 23, 2015

OFW Life: 24 hours is never Enough

And I've been out of the blogging world again for such a long time. I had to prioritize work above anything else and I just can't wait to relax and be more chill.

I was on the verge of having a breakdown because of the stress I am feeling at work, though I am and will always be thankful with what I have right now.

It all started when my co-admin went on vacation and 2 more admins had gone on their maternity leave. I was assigned to handle our top guy and at the same time train the new hires. It as not an easy task as I was also handling my team. Imagine this, 3 departments + top guy + 1 department + training of new hires and the result is this:



The truth is this is (until now) how I looked like:


I almost slept in my office just to make sure that I 'd be able to do everything, but I can't. My social life had even suffered because I can't even see my friends on weekends because I am too tired to go out. I would rather stay in bed and rest. I even have to wash my clothes weekly because I don't have the strength to do it after office hours. I almost didn't cook. I survived by buying cooked meals to spare myself from the effort of cutting ingredients and cooking. The only thing that made my work life bearable was the fact that my boss is very understanding and supportive and well our top guy is just awesome!

I feel like 24 hours was not enough and will never be enough for me.

I've also learned that time management will never be applicable on my situation. It is more on coping up with my everyday task. I had to learn to prioritize and to say no and really mean it. 

Right now it's still busy but not as busy as before. I just wish for more brighter days and less hassle work day.

How about you, how do you cope up with your busy work life?

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